VPN solution consists of a VPN server and VPN clients. It is based on a modified version of the IPsec standard with pre-shared secrets, i.e. the encryption keys. Therefore standard SSL attacks like fake certificates or implementation bugs like Heartbleed cannot affect Securosys VPN solution.
Praetor VPN Appliance from our partner Securosys converts any IP-based network into a highly secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. It allows the exchange of e-mails, files, video, or voice data or communications from anywhere in the world, at any time from any suitable device. In this way, information exchanged among defined users worldwide is protected against access by third parties in all networks. The Praetor can also be used to setup a secure network connection between headquarters and subsidiaries where bandwidth requirements are limited and the extra cost of a dedicated leased line is not justified.


Safe storage of encryption keys is critical for secure communications systems. Together with our partners Securosys, Securosys key vault Signum contains a security chip (integrated circuit) with non-volatile memory. This memory is shielded from the interfaces and holds the long-term keys. Once the long-term key is programmed into Signum's security chip, it cannot be read out again. The long-term key is then used to generate unique session keys for specific communication channels. Even if an attacker would know all previously used session keys, she cannot derive the long-term key nor the next session key that is going to be used.
The Securosys Signum key vault comes in the form of a USB stick and can be used as a Mini-HSM. The USB stick is typically used in Securosys encryption devices like the Praetor VPN appliance, the Centurion layer-2 encryptor, or the Primus HSM. It is plugged into the front panel of the device and locked in with a physical key and cylinder lock.


Surveillance & Monitoring (Security / Military / Coast Guard / Police / Agriculture / Mining / Oil & Gas) Mapping (Government / Mining / Agriculture / Oil & Gas).


The digital surveillance video system from CSL uses advanced technique for safety, guarding against and aiding quick response in case of an intruder,find timely and capture the criminal which can take effect of overawe for the criminal. The CSL CCTV with Alarm surveillance system is ideal in for any residence community and is based on network camera. You can set the surveillance spots on the gateway, parking lots, main streets, entrance porch, stairway and so on. Then you can surveillance the residence community in the surveillance room of gate keeper. If you find the suspicious or illegal person enter, systems will alarm automatically and also keep a record. Your security provider and gate keeper are alerted can arrive the spot at once. The information is on record also is the stronger proof if required at a later stage. Residential communities, office buildings, factories and business premises all require quality video surveillance system that is easy to use and maintain, is convenient and be cost effective.