Hooded coverall. Available in bright yellow for high visibility and in sizes S-XXXL. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Self-adhesive chin flap for tight seal of suit to face-masks. Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (450g per garment).
Our partner C garments utilize the strength of Tyvek® and a polymeric barrier coating to offer good permeation barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards (even under pressure). Partner C suits are used for splash or pressurized splash protection in a variety of medical/health hazard situations, industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Contact us for details.


“Reducing the weight of soldier equipment without compromising protection and combat performance is a key challenge for the body armor and personal protection industry”. The bulletproof vest is an item of personal armor that helps absorb the impact from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. It protects the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, as well as small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades.
The CSL mask offers complete protection against Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) warfare, industrial toxic waste as well as toxic chemical substances. It is binocular, lightweight approx 500 grams and antimagnetic. The filter is attached via a standardized thread. This ensures unrestrained supply of filters.
The mask is made of halogenated butyl, which ensures high mechanical strength and increased resistance to toxic gas permeability. In addition, it is easily decontaminated, behaves well under extreme conditions and does not cause skin irritation.